So you wanna look into my past?

I’ve always been told, to always move forward, never stray from the path in front of you and if I have to look backward for whatever reason; make it quick. Today’s the exception to that as you will be delving into my past and my present! But let’s give you the short version: I’m Jamaican by birth

‘This is the land of my birth’ 🎶 moved to the US for a bit the settled in the UK, all before the age of 2 – I guess that’s why I’m such a travel buff and would give any excuse to go on holiday have a look at my “When it’s time for learning, I go on holiday” posts! I grew up in a Christian household with Caribbean roots – which has pretty much shaped the woman I’ve become – so you know my parents didn’t put up with half the crap kids these days get up too!! My childhood wasn’t anything fancy, pretty average really as I was a bit of an introvert (okay maybe a little more than “a bit”).  I had my squad, my books, and my family – I didn’t need anything else. I wouldn’t say my past was a smooth ride – it wasn’t – I’ve come through some storms but I’m grateful for them as they have led me to my present.


So now you wanna know about my present?

If you’d have told me that I would have my own blog with a growing number of followers, I would have laughed in your face! Being a founder of OMSOMA has led me on this epic adventure that is only just beginning!

Currently, a uni student who is still trying to cope with the stress of work and life; really just finding the balance between the two! I’m at the stage now where I really should know what I’m doing with my life and actively seeking opportunities to better it – yeeeeaaah I have like a 5-year plan for my life that keeps getting screwed up; I really should do something about that! I guess what you really need to know is I’m still figuring things out just like you, I know some of the things I have planned are a bit crazy and over the top for some people but that’s just me in a nutshell. I choose to focus on my future; moving on from the things of my past.