It’s the last poem for month so it’s got to be great right? Okay, yeah no pressure then…Kittu don’t fail me with

Bloom for another day

The sun falls on the earth.
The flower opens.
Each time.
It faces the storm instead of the warmth.
It faces the fire instead of the breeze.

And each time it wears the scars and tries to bloom.
Each time it opens
Its forced to close up before its time.
Not this time the mind goes.
Bloom inside for another day.

But there are questions to be asked..
There are questions to be answered..
But are there any answers

Will the scars remain?
Will the time come?
Will the sun rise?
Will the bloom be like was imagined?

Everything happens for the good says the heart
And faith follows it.
Bloom for another day
Bloom for another day.

Annnd that’s it from me, it’s been great getting poems for you, it’s Ally’s turn next month!