March is over…already?

That went quick, like really quick. Did anyone else notice that too? Or are you still in the ‘what day is it’ phase? << It’s okay if you are!

Even though this is my birthday month, it’s been pretty taxing hence there not being that many posts from me. As much as I love doing this, I just couldn’t find the time – no it’s not an excuse! I could list all the reasons as to why but I’m not going to, everyone has struggles of their own and you already know some of mine so I’ll just leave it there.

This isn’t a long post, and my break in Jan went on for a little longer than expected but not to worry, I’m back in the game! With uni almost over I can smell the freedom that’s just beyond the horizon. A quick thanks for those who still read, like and share – much appreciated – I know things have been slow and after 3 years, you’d think I’d have a handle on this by now 😂

You know what? It’s okay. April is approaching soon which means we can start a fresh, especially now that Spring is officially here! I am probably a bit too excited about the next coming months but from what we’ve all just gone through, who wouldn’t be?

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