#MT Relationship Goals

It seems fitting we end with something positive since last week was deep…hence GOALS! Every ‘good’ relationship will be working towards a shared vision…future…dream which all start with a Goal.

Its funny how everyone will view succesful relationsips differently because they’re all different and cannot be defined by any one thing buuuuuuuuut there are some things you can spot easily that will make other say “thats goals right there” about your relationship.

  1. Are your friends a little jealous of the relationship?
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Cute right?

If so, then well done you’ve got a winner because they secretly want to cute things like this too but will only admit it to themselves silently…

2. *if you are in a relationship* Do you have cute nicknames/pet names that only your SO can call you?

16 Cute Couple Things Every Couple Must Do
Cuddles? Really?? C’mon Amy, you can do better!

This may seem childish but it shows the affection you have for each other, especially if its slightly embarrassing like “Sugar Plum” or “Hulkbear” >> completely made up btw <<

3. Have you ever had to sit through “He’s sooo cute // She’s just…just..amazing // I haven’t met anyone like them // we have like this amazing connection.…” ? Yeah we bet you just skipped to here

Best Lines From Netflix's Malcolm And Marie
Our inside voice screaming at you!

Its only cute for about a minute, especially for us singletons cos it just reminds us of what we dont have. On positive note, if you marathon a number of things you love your partner – you’ve got a good one!!

4. For the romantics, “Its our song

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First one we though of, ^^ perfect fit ^^

Whether you bonded over music, food, a holiday sharing interests is super importnant becuase you need to able to talk about something or you’d just be..

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5. *Last one* Seeing the relationship evolve, from ___friend >> fiance >> Husband/Wife. We know not everyones ‘into Marriage’ but its a legal representation of ‘offically off the market

Relationship Goals
That ‘meant to be‘ love

It’s amazing to see some of our friends find each other, date for a while, maybe have a ‘break’ get back together, see their ups and downs, encourage them to stick with each other to then organising hen parties/bridal showers to picking out the one dress that most little girls dream of.

Damn you Pixar, it's like peeling an onion made of feels! - Album on Imgur
Who else is thinking of this montage??

Well, that’s it folks #MT Relationships is overrr, Feb has come and gone too soon! March will bring a dash of hope, a pinch of courage and a little bit of MAGIC!

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