#MT Love, Love, Love

Tis’ the season for chocolate hearts and roses, declarations of love are now all over your socials cos everyone wants to show off “their love”.

Milk And Mocha Love GIF - MilkAndMocha Love Heart - Discover & Share GIFs |  Cute bear drawings, Love gif, Cute gif

Sinnnncce we’re celebrating a lack of a love life, there’s not much to say right now but we won’t leave you empty handed becuase Jay found a quote that might the singles get through the next 48hrs maybe 72hrs – depending on your time zone.

Your heart is capable of loving lots of different people in lots of different ways…

The Keatyn Chronicles, Jullian Dodd

For those who have no ‘bae’, consider all the people in your life that you love and who love you back, reflect on fond memories and try not focus on the all the virtual dates screenshots that will be popping up tomorrow! We will 😀 x