#MT Defining the Relationship

A tough cookie, we know but we’re gonna try and crack this anyway. We know that not everyone will experience a love like Stephan and Elena, most of us have probably experienced a love/hate one like Klaus and Caroline (if you don’t like TVD – sorry) and let’s not get into Damon and Katherine situation – when it was toxic…

A man can’t fulfill a need, you can’t define.

Judge Lynn Toler

So how do we go about defining relationships when we’ve already established there’s soo many types, lets just stick to the basics:


Image result for romantic gif


Image result for platonic gif


Image result for toxic relationship gif

We have defined relationships, but we’ll go over them in detail in the coming weeks!

P.s. What’s everyone’s V-Day plans? We’re hoping to live vicariously through some of them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚