The Master Plan by Shelley L Baxter

When life is no fun,
when the pain follows you,
reach deep inside for the light that is true.
Reach to the stars for a memory that is grand
try to hold on to His master plan.

When obligations, familiarity,
when sameness holds you tight,
reach for a hope that can carry the light.
Reach for the love you hold in your heart
try to be brave and your courage will start.

When time won’t stand still,
when your youth flies away,
reach for a strand that ties all to the moon.
Reach for a purpose that makes the Lord proud,
try to be what the Lord sees in you now!

When you follow the rules,
when inspiration finally calls,
reach for the dream that He’s drawn for you.
Reach for His plan that is solely your fate
Trust in the Lord and your faith will inflate!

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