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This is Part 1 Combo with #MT Our Christmas… We know most of you will have all your decor up by now. The only thing left to display is all the christmas cards you’ve received! (we’re still waiting…)

Christmas Card Display Ideas - Andrea's Notebook | Christmas card display,  Christmas decor diy, Christmas diy
Why not try something creative this year?

Have all the presents been bought? Or do you prefer the thrill of the Christmas rush nearing the eve of the big day? If you prefer order to choas, are the gifts stashed away in a ‘good place’… There has been times where I’ve seen my gift beforehand because mum was careless with the secret spots around the house – we don’t want that as it ruins the surprise!! 😮

60+ Stunning Christmas Tree Ideas - Best Christmas Tree Decorations

Now, with the decor done and the presents out the way, we can now focus on the entertainment for the evening! Everyone will be stuffed and barely able to move so Just Dance is out of the question, but then your aunt decides to take out the Karaoke machine and demands everyone start choosing a song to sing 🙄 Maybe the board games come out of hiding and get brushed off to finally be played by all the family! Regardless of what happens after dinner, we want to give some ideas to keep the fun going for just a little longer…

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Christmas Charades – put your acting skills to the test! 🎭

Karaoke – a favourite and is sure to leave a smile on all 🎙

Board Games (Not Monoply) – something that requires strategic thinking or teams 🔎

Pictionary – can you draw an elephant? ✏🐘

Don’t forget the cards – Poker, Uno, Blackjack, Go Fish you name it! ♠♣♥♦

Prehaps a movie? I know I would just want to snuggle up with some hot chocolate watching a christmas favouriteAny suggestions?

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