We know that Christmas is going to be a little different this year…buuut if you could wish for one thing to stay the same, what would it be?? To give a little helping hand here’s

A Christmas Wish by Debra L. Brown

I wish I could go back to the past,
of Christmases long ago.
I wish I could see my loved ones
who have passed on long ago.

I’d love to be that child again
who sat on Santa’s knee.
Yes, all these memories that I have
decorating the tree.

I wish I could wake Christmas morn
to see Daddy baking ham.
And to see my mamma making her yummy
famous candy yams.

I wish I could go to Grandma’s house;
her cookies were the best.
The pies and cakes that she would bake,
she kept them in a chest.

Her house would smell like ginger,
with a hint of Balsam Pine.
She’d decorate the house with lights,
and it would surely shine.

All these Christmas memories,
it seems like yesteryear.
I’d love to go back to the past.
This is my Christmas prayer.

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