Can you belive that Christmas is only 22 DAYS AWAY! I CAN’T. So in light of this months #MT we’re going to be looking at various poems that talk about traditions. Those things that we just keep doing wheher in this season or year round. Due to the recent changes on how we see this year, this is a good place to start.

I Felt Traditions Were Fading Away by Ahmad Shiddiqi

I felt traditions were fading away
Today, it is all about
Fast, easy, and gaudy
It destroy customs
It was time to give something back
To ensure the transmission
Of ancient art form
Was handed down
By the old Masters
In its integral form
To be recited at it’s best

Royal poetry has always been a mystery
What do the royals read?
No one really knows
Royal poems relate
To their individual art
Culture, and ceremonies
It is formed differently
And recited distinctively

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