Sooo Close but Sooo Far

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Tis’ the season to be Jolly fah lala la la la la la 🎤🎄 (If you watched PM Boris’s LIVE you’d understand…)

I can’t believe its officially 1 MONTH4 WEEKS30 DAYSTIL CHRISTMAS. For some that might not mean much so if its Hanukkah, Yule, Bodhi Day or something else, we can get a piece of the the joy as December is filled with celebrations!

Honestly, this time of year gaurantees to put a smile on face and after the year we’ve all had – not just me – we deserve some festive cheer. So whether you’re in charge of decking the halls, putting up lights, stocking gifts – cooking embrace the all the love that the season brings. You might not get so much again til next yeaar!

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Now for my US friends, I know that Thanksgiving’s tomorrow so stuff yourself full! and not just with food lool. I do hope everyone who celebrates has a great day, I’ve got a great poem for it too! You know once you’ve finshed feasting and just want to have a quick read (wink)

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