#MT – Physical

Physical changes happen and it is inevitable. Things are constantly changing around us whether it is our environment. With the changing seasons or just simply the quick change of weather from sunny to raining (which happens a lot in the UK!).

A big change is dynamics in family and also friendship groups. As you grow older you notice changes in yourself whether that be physical, emotional or mental changes that change the dynamic in those relationships. Even people walking away or those we lose.

Another change is as you grow older your body changes as much as we all sometimes wish it doesn’t. But, these changes can be caused by all kind of things, puberty, illness and so on. It’s important to remember that these changes are inevitable and it does not do well to compare or linger on these things.

However, going blonde, getting a tattoo or piercing are all for our own pleasure! Things we control! Remember to make some physical changes that will make you –only you– happy!

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