Winter Sun

There is such a difference between the same sun during two different seasons. One is burning hot that has you begging for relief from its unforgiving heat. The other is a subtle warmth on a cold day where your breath mists in the air, that warms your skin perfectly.

I think I prefer a winter sun, there is something so peaceful about it.

Walking on a chilly day in the park when there is a sprinkle of warmth provided by the sun when you least expect it. But, I think it’s always best after a full day of rain. So, the ground is still damp, so when you walk through the park, through the trees you can smell the damp earth and the freshness in the air around you.

One of my favourite things to do after walking a lap or two around the park, in that beautiful warmth of the cool day is to sit on a bench and read a chapter or two of my book. Whether I bring a physical book or just on my phone, there is something so peaceful listening to a soft acoustic playlist and sitting there either reading or just taking in the day.

How often do we just get to sit there and take in the day?

To take a break from our hectic lives…

I walked around the park and realised how much I needed it after an intensive week of uni work. It was nice to read something that isn’t a university textbook or an academic journal… it’s just nice to sit there and be. Sitting there and allow my mind to wander and not wander onto the long list of things that I still have to do! Just wonder and think about all the possibilities… to allow myself to get lost in a beautiful daydream that makes me smile, that warms me on the inside and fills me with that small bit of hope for a better day.

I love the feel of the winter sun warming my chilled skin, in that moment of peace and tranquility.

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