We’re in too deep…

Is it a bad sign to quit uni with less than a year to go??

If you’re a student like me, uni is in full swing and after just a couple of weeks it already feels like months. It got me thinking about all things uni and how caught up in it we are between September – May (UK residents)

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Can you believe that some of my classmates are asking themselves that very question you first read…not suprising though. Uni students were hit the worst, we’re essentially over-paying for the last year that should cost a fraction of the price since its fully online now! That’s called Distance Learning folks!

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But since the powers that be don’t like giving out refunds, we’re stuck. I guess are only options are to buckle down and work hard, procrastinate until the end of term or just give up entirely – none of which is going to get our money back…

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So from one student to another, we can’t change the system but remember we can still give ’em hell trying!!!

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