#MT – Personal

Personal change is most probably one of the most difficult ones to overcome. Because when it comes to personal change you first have to admit to yourself that there is something that you need to change. However, not all change is bad… personal change comes in a lot of different formats whether it is changing your hair colour or appearance (which we will discuss further when we go into physical change), but it is also mentality and belief. Some of the hardest changes a person can face is the changes in their mentality and their beliefs because it sets the ball rolling on many other changes to come.

Our stories:

– I guess my changes come into 2 categories, the ones that were forced and the ones I did at will. A lot of my changes that were forced are laced with expections and standards that were pressed on me at young age; I went through some dark times thinking I could never live up to them. It was very depressing. It’s not until I left for uni and got some space that I realised I wasn’t defined by others opinions which made me change my whole outlook on life. Some willful changes can be simple like going blonde – yes, yes I did – or being confident in your own style and skin. A more deeper change for me was to focus working on the woman I want to become at a pace I’m comfortable with. My journey is my own.

I think one of my biggest changes was when it came to the change of my mentality in life (I’m not saying that it is perfect now, but it’s a lot better than it was). It took me a long time that I need to start to prioritise my happiness, instead of setting it aside to make everyone else happy. I still struggle a lot with this, but I’m learning that I can’t sacrifice my happiness all the time because it is draining. I think about the people who have been in my life and I realised that now they are gone I’m free of the burden they put on me and that I don’t feel like I’m drowning anymore with all the weight they put on me. It took me a while to understand how relationships should work whether it is lovers or friends, there has to be mutual support and mutual compromise.

Personal change is something you have to overcome at your own pace, but it doesn’t mean that you have to do it alone. Allow people to be apart of the journey, allow those who you trust help support you. Because in those changes you need someone… you need people to remind you that you are strong enough, brave, beautiful and amazing… along with a load of other positive affirmations.

Having people there makes facing the change easier!

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