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All that money: huge waste or investment?

So, as we have mentioned before university is very much paying thousands of pounds for a revision lecture that lasts three years with an added bonus of a paying for a year abroad (Study or Work) and/or a work placement.

Will it help us get a job? Possibly. Do we feel like our university has done it’s best to fully satisfy us and made us believe that we’ve made the right choice by attending there? Let’s go with no on that one.

Going to our university with a complaint is usually ignored, whether it is on your own accord or by you student/course rep. To be honest it feels like a fruitless thing to be doing with your time… ‘We pride ourselves on student satisfaction!’ Hmmmm… we’ll sir we can tell you that we are not satisfied for sure.

University can be a great investment if you are at the right university and doing the right course for you. Please take what we say with a pinch of salt because everyone’s experience is different. We’ve met people who’ve loved their uni experience and would tell you it is a 100% worth the money and the investment.

But, our key bit of advice would be look into all of your options there are so many different avenues that you can go down now… take your time and have a little look and research!

This is us all the time, university is a big investment even if you are applying with loans it is still a debt you have to payback, so this is something that you should not consider lightly… take your time and base this decision on what you want and not what you are told you want!

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