#MT Pain [3]

Lets talk lecturers

Throughout our time at Uni we have seen a range of things students have been doing while at their lectures. Things ranging from watching Netflix to playing games… we’re not saying we are innocent with out little game play of Flame boy and Water Girl. But, I think that should show our dedication to paying attention to our lectures.

Truthfully we only did that after at least halfway through the semester when we have a feel of what the lectures are like… it was that or not attending at all and that was a decision made because we could always access the lectures later online. This became a vicious cycle of not attending and it’s not like actions were put into place to ensure that we actually attended the classes.

But, truthfully when your lecturers sounded like they didn’t want to be there as much as you, it wasn’t a great motivation to be there. Or even when they just complain about their lives for about 30 minutes to an hour of your lecture is not great!

HOWEVER!!! It is not all negative we’ve had some really amazing lecturers who made going to our lectures and seminars fun and interesting. With jokes, interactive activities, videos and also class participation not that either of us were big on participation. But all these things made going to the classes 10 times more interesting and enjoyable! Some think about future teachers…

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