#MT Pain [2]


REPETITION IS KEY! This is something you hear when it comes to studying, but there are somethings that just take the piss. Going into University to do our Marketing degree we both knew pretty much the basics of business like the Marketing Mix and so much more, neither of us ever thought we would be paying for them to teach us the same theories again and again like we simply forgot them, year after year!

Paying thousands of pounds for a revision class for three years, with the added bonus of a paid year abroad and/or working. Jay we really should have gone for the apprenticeship that was equivalent to a degree! At least then we would be getting valuable experience as we get our degree.

Can’t help but agree with you there Ally. 1 good year out of 4 is not value for money!

Higher education with an advancement in what you learn and in some modules that is what we’ve had but in many aspects of our degree that is not what we’ve experienced which admittedly is disheartening. But, we guess final year is the opportunity to prove us wrong!

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