#MT Pain [1]

If you can not support yourself, do not expect it from others!

Independent Study is a big thing while at university and you’d be a fool not to take this seriously! Independent study can be the make or break of your university career. This will be the thing that get’s you that extra mile.

This issue stems from the incompetence that our institution processes.

We are big fans of independent study, but to be able to make a start on your independent studying you need to know first what you are doing. If your lecturer, teacher or tutor is failing in the one department they are needed for it makes it very difficult to do the work you need to do. Yeah you can go and ask them questions and if what you are doing is correct but the thing is they still fail to help you because somehow because they didn’t teach you properly you’re still meant to get the answer from the class they gave.

So, as much as they say that you can go to them about any of your queries your really can’t because all they are going to say is go and re-watch the lecture and/or say the same thing that they said in the lecture… which truthfully isn’t helpful, because that’s the reason you are there in the first place.

So, the best piece of advise that we can give is reading the slides first and make note of areas that you may need help with and try and do some research beforehand so that you’re not going in blind and then if even after the lecture you don’t understand then email you lecturer with all the information that you have and then they might see that you are trying and then make the effort to actually help… but who knows!

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