Making YOUR Choice! Uni Edition

As we have said previously that you make loads of different choices throughout one day. But, the truth is some of the biggest choices that you will make in life you won’t realise you made them… that’s because sometimes they are made for you.

“Should I go to uni?”

A question that we all asks ourselves when the time comes, but the worse thing is that we are told we have to go… maybe not in those words but the pressure is put on us to go and even if we say we don’t want to you end up with a lot of backlash for that decision. The comments of you won’t become anything if you don’t go to uni. But, then you bring up people like Lord Alan Sugar, Richard Branson, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Simon Cowell, Bill Gates and many more. These are some of the people who either didn’t go to uni/college or dropped out and never finished. But, when you bring up these individuals who did amazing things without a degree, you are shot down too.

You are reminded that these individuals had a drive and passion along with a mindset that propelled them to where they are today. But, it makes you feel like maybe you would never be able to do that.  

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