Disney The Princess and the Frog

I had to do a review on a movie that I absolutely love and thought of this one straight away!

Most would know famous classics about princesses and their adventures. Over the years, there has been a common trend to do remakes; all having different spins. This particular story has not received as much attention as others nevertheless its still one to remember.
Taken a more modern twist, the story is set in deep south Louisiana following Tiana; an ordinary girl whose only dream is having her own restaurant. She meets unexpectedly the frog prince who only wishes to become human again. Together they embark on a hilarious journey discovering that what they want is not necessarily the same as what they need.
Disney never fails to disappoint with their plot twists-love it! They really took into account the post-civil war period and culture including many references significant in that time from the southern drawls, exposing themes around social standing-class to magic and the mystic arts. They produced a film that was fun for the entire family while teaching about independence, hard work, female empowerment, never giving up on your dreams. This particular remake is something to behold.
The soundtrack in this movie as every song gives a key message to the listener if they are paying attention. This ties in lovely, with background Jazz music selections as New Orleans, is its birthplace. It was a nice touch.