#MT Self Reflection

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Puzzle Pieces GIFs | TenorLet’s remind all of you, we are far from experts and will not be drowning you in scientific terms about the human psyche and how it works….yeah no. We do however know about journalling (how is that relevant?); it brings about a lot of reflection from processing an emotional event to noting down everyday routines. You may not realise but there is power is writing down or voice recording your thoughts-feelings. Why not try it out this week? This journey has always been a personal one, to develop all of us. Start with some things you’ve learnt about yourself during this time or would like to. Record your likes and dislikes; dreams, goals, aspirations, worries and fears. Strengths and weaknesses. All of which reflect the person you was, who you are now and who’ll you to become.Determined GIFs | Tenor

Journalling can also be very difficult because it can be scary in some aspects. Journalling should never be easy, especially when you are talking about things that have made some of the biggest impacts on you. The reason may be because as soon as you put it down on paper or say it out loud it becomes a reality. It’s easy to ignore something or bury it when it’s not out in the world for others to possibly see or hear. But, it is important for you to express it otherwise you will never be able to take the necessary steps to move forward.

Journalling can really help you process and release the feelings you’ve bottled up. But, you could also channel those emotions into a lot of different creative outlets; art, music, poetry, writing and so on. It’s about taking that time you need, taking a step away from what is happening and actually allowing yourself to be vulnerable… to be vulnerable with yourself.

Never let anyone allow you to think that how you feel is invalid. Everyone is different and everyone reflects in different ways. Just always allow yourself that moment, whether if it’s 5, 10, 30 minutes, or an hour, or a day, even a week. As long as, it helps you come to peace with some of your feelings.

Remember, self reflection isn’t a one time thing… it’s always important to do it regularly to help keep you balanced.