#MT The Other Me

The person in the mirror is staring back at me, but are they one and the same… or are we completely different? Because we are both sides of the same coin. So, what are our differences?

“You’re acting different” “I don’t even know you anymore” “I feel like there’s a war inside my head” “Are you okay!!?” “Did you change something” “You’ve changed.” ~ we’re pretty sure most of you have these statements in your life but don’t worry if you haven’t – you will eventually. People tend to forget that a person is multi-layered. How many films have shown us that human beings are very complex creatures, but yet we still don’t see it?

Thanks, Shrek!     

The Other Me is Step 2 in the Self Reflection Journey as we have to acknowledge we are more than just one thing. We are defined by so much more than what other people say and view us as. Figuring out who you are, requires you to be open and honest with all of you – even the parts that you don’t like and think are weird. 

Some weird facts about Ally and Jay:

~ I like making up the conversation when I see babies interacting with each other 

~ I can never take the last item left on the shelf, I also never take the one at the front 

~ I people watch, but I take to the next level where I imagine their conversations and then go a little further and imagine what could happen next.

~ Lack of shame, depending on the day you might find me dancing and singing in a shopping centre or in a park with a bottle of wine!

So friends remember to embrace everything there is about you this week, we’ll be doing the same!

No You Re Awesome GIF | Gfycat

Join us next week for Step 3…