#MT Confronting Mistakes

“Well let’s go through the list shall we…” 

Disclaimer: It’s not going to be easy, some of the things we will post is very personal but it’s helping us and hopefully it will help some of you. 

On this self-reflection journey, the first step we discussed was confronting the mistakes we have made throughout our lives that could have been avoided. We all have them. The list is long too. Regardless, the healing process requires us to put aside our fear and pride and really dig deep so we’ll just mention a couple of things we wish we could have done differently.

  • Changing Myself (to suit other people) This is a big no-no! Take it from someone who has done it for years and come out the other side, it’s not worth it. This is one of the biggest mistakes that I’m confronting today because sometimes I find myself easily slipping back into it. Now, please understand this isn’t just being nice and accommodating, this is actually like a completely different person depending on the crowd of people you’re with. You start to lose your own identity and you would be able to answer the question:

Who Am I?


  • Losing Myself To My Past – This is an absolute don’t do! The past is important, yes. It shapes who you are now, yes. But, when you live in it you aren’t moving forward… your stuck and likely to move backwards. It’s how you end up back in the toxic situations that you were trying to escape. I know this from family situations and exes. It creates doubt because you choose to ignore the bad and see the good… you go back because it’s safe. But safety isn’t always what’s best. I’ve done it. I went back because I was scared and I wanted the safety of the familiarity of being with them… but, the sad part was I was left more broken than I would’ve been if I didn’t go back. The past is that, the past. Dwelling on it, won’t change anything.


There are so many other mistakes that we could talk about, but that’s the thing. When you view them as mistakes, you can start to regret them. But, one thing that we want to tell you is never regret the mistakes and decisions you’ve made. Yes, they can be absolutely terrible. But, use those mistakes to drive you to be better. To do more… to be more.