Dubai BABY!! An Unexpected Adventure…

Well wasn’t this an awesome day trip! Have to thank my girls for this as if it wasn’t for them I would have been left stranded in a country I had never been in before, just lost.



Ngl, this was actually a fluke accident that turned into one of my best days ever! So to understand we have to start at the beginning of my placement…

One evening, many moons ago, Jay was scrolling through Google Flights to book her trip to Singapore. She was due to be away in less than two months and she was only just booking the flight, (she had just come back from the US – I know this girl is always travelling) and was searching for a very long time. After days of debating, she finally found a flight and rushed to check out before the deal went through. While reviewing over the flight details, she realised she’d be arriving A DAY LATER !!

shockedYeaaaaa, having a 20hr layover is not what she wanted to see under ‘Your payment has gone through, Congratulations’. Having got a discount from Student Universe excited her too much and lost focus when confirming the fight she wanted. However, this little mishap allowed her to explore yet another country on her travels: United Arab Emirates! 

I’m just going to breeze past the weeks of waiting in anticipation and the 7hr journey from Heathrow to Abu Dhabi, (check out some pics and vids on our Instagram) so here she was, in another new country, trying to find her way around. Thankfully, she was going to meet up with some friends who were in Dubai on holiday – they saved her neck – now all she had to do was get from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and back again before her flight later that night. Now I just want you to take a moment and think, of anyone you know that would land in a country they have never been in before, take a couch for a 2 1/2 hr ride to another city they have never been before either on a day they have a flight, that would be very bad if they missed?

No? Well, that’s Jay for ya! As that is exactly what she did. The plane landed roughly around 2am, she found somewhere to sleep – yes in the airport – no, not on the floor, in a bed – and got up at 9 to start her day. Now, having to deal with no wifi and data in a foreign country, she had to resort to old methods such as maps and asking kind strangers. So after a couch, a train, a quick stop in Dunken Doughnuts to refuel and a nice lovely walk, she finally found the hotel. The rest is pretty much, sun, sand, cocktails, buffet lunches, ahhhhhh; it was quite relaxing. Here our tale ends, as Jay was fully relaxed for her night flight – she didn’t miss it! – and was able to get to Sing unscathed.

This was totally unexpected but worked out so well, look out next week for my Bali Trip Debacle!!

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