The Viewing Experience!

So, recently I’ve been watching a fair few shows and movies with friends and a couple have said that my commentary has brought them great joy and have asked me if I would do it for the blog! So, I guess this has now become a thing that I will be doing! I have a couple of ideas of what I wanna watch, some of them are way out of my comfort zone… like IT (I don’t like clowns… I may be one, but horror and clowns are a big NO, NO for me!). There will be some rewatches in the mix.

This might nudge me in the right direction to either complete, start or rewatch some of my favourite shows and films!

If you guys have any suggestions what I should watch first please let me know… I’m down to watch anything. I think! 😬

I’m gonna dive in the deep end and the first film I’m gonna watch is IT… Oh God wish me luck!