Writing #1???

OKAY… so, I’m…

I can do this… I think? So, this is a little something I’ve been working on… there is more but honestly it’s not that great 😬. Not that Jay would agree with me.

Jay: No I most certainly will not! It’s really awesome guys 😊

Here goes nothing!

I knew that I would be coming home eventually, but I never thought that it would be now almost sixteen years after I was sent away to boarding school. Walking through Heathrow Airport I knew the peace of being back in London would only last a moment. London wasn’t the end destination of this move home, it’s just a checkpoint before the final destination… Hollow Field. As I wait for the last of my suitcases to come out of the plane I watch those around me, many of them wearing suits coming in for business trips walking at a brisk pace to the exit to be greeted by their driver to be taken to their hotel. A few looking to be back from their summer breaks saddened to be back in the bleak looking British weather, their children running circles around them screaming and shouting. I wince at the loud noises, realising that I haven’t been surrounded by this much noise for a long time and it puts me on edge. I pull out my headphones and place them on my head and start to blast a random song to drown out the noise around me. I see my last case on the belt, I pull it off and swing my bag over my shoulder with two suitcases in toe. 

I push through the doors and pull my headphones down when I see a sign with my name on it and see two people I least expect to see bouncing around obviously had too much caffeine this fine morning, I shake my head and laugh as I can’t stop the smile forming on my lips as I hear them scream and call my name. I slowly make my way over to two people I have missed dearly in the last couple of years.

“The prodigal daughter has returned!” Reid draws me in for a tight hug as Divya bounces from one foot to another excited to capture me in a bone crushing hug. I pull away from Reid and allow Divya to crush me against her a small chuckle passing my lips.

“It’s so good to have you back! You left me here with that one and he’s slowly been driving me insane. Please tell me you are here to stay and not just for a short visit?” There was a silent prayer, I look over to Reid and see the hope in his eyes.

“I booked a one way ticket if that is what you are asking. I don’t know how long I will be here, but there is no immediate plans for me to leave yet.” I sigh as I shake my head as they cheer bouncing up and down hugging each other laughing about the fact that their best friend is here to stay. I roll my eyes at them, they know that this isn’t a promise that I will be staying indefinitely, they know better to think that!