The Disney+ Craze

Jay: Remember the days when we would relentlessly search the web to stream Disney movies online? Or was that just me? 🤔 I used to spend hours trying to find them that were of decent quality, in English, and without foreign subtitles. Success was rare.

Ally: God, I just remember the days of VHS Disney… I don’t think there was anything better than it. The anticipation as you had to sit and watch it rewind. There was no skipping to the main menu. Damn!! I’m feeling a little old.

Jay: I clearly remember when The Princess and the Frog aired on the Disney Channel  – I, unfortunately, didn’t have it – I couldn’t find it online, anywhere! I kept finding clips of the cafe scene, eventually, I gave up the search. I didn’t see it until probably a year or two later…

Ally: I think I bought it on DVD and that was the first time I ever watched… or, maybe I did find it online? To be honest I don’t really remember. But, I could watch that film on repeat… I have watched that film on repeat! 😂 But, talking to my mum apparently the first Disney film she took me to see just her and I was The Tigger Movie… we watched it together for the first time in a long time. I use to sit and watch it over and over again on VHS, that and the Lion King… ‘BECAUSE I JUST CAN’T WAIT TO BE KING!!!’

Jay: I really can’t remember the first-ever Disney movie I watched; probably one of the princesses. Anyways I’m just glad we finally have one place with everything! It’s about bloody time too, cause mama’s been waiting a loonnng time.

Ally: So, normally I wouldn’t pay for these subscriptions… I normally steal my brothers! But, I thought considering buying something for Jay is like drawing blood from a stone cause she never tells you what she would like for her birthday, I decided the girl love Disney… it’s also on sale… SOOOO, why not! Turns out I’m also paying for my parents to watch use it too! (Much to my dismay… I honestly thought they’d use my brothers but the login didn’t work.)

Jay: Isn’t she the BEST! Childhood me is screaming “YES, FINALLY!” I totally geeked out for a good week, watching so many movies and shows. It was heaven! We want you to enjoy all this goodness too! Sorry Netflix, you have been abandoned (only for a little while though!)

Ally: I’m not gonna lie I feel like I still watch Netflix a lot more, but it does feel nice to have one place to have everything Disney! I’m trying to watch at least one movie a day… but, that hasn’t really happened. But, I’m planning to get back on track with that! It’s a great way to take a step back into your childhood and escape for a couple of hours!

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