I bet we all have some funny moments during this Lockdown, I mean social media is blowing up with various TikTok challenges, prank stories, crazy people…

I want to add to entertainment we are all desperately engrossing ourselves in with a story of my own. I have changed names and such but other than that, here’s the full original content that was texted to my family group chat, enjoy:

The Tale of My Lil Sis and the Big Spider

At 5:20am this morning I, J9 successfully killed a blood-sucking, coronavirus looking spider 🕷 I mean that spider was gonna eat us alive. It was in the bathroom; in the bath. This big ole black thing just starring at me. 5:20am what do I do when y’all are sleeping? I had to move strategically. With one eye on the blood-sucking, coronavirus looking spider and the other eye on the cupboard, I slowly got one of the cleaning sprays and  BANG BANG BOP BOP “DIE Mother F****R!” It’s Sunday you can’t say that J9 so instead I said, “you picked the wrong house.” Then again BANG BANG BOP BOP. He was dead. I got some tissues and flush it down the toilet. Never to be seen again.

The End

After that, knowing the parents we had in our Caribbean household she then texted:

Some words have been used for entertainment purposes, so don’t beat me. 😂