University Update!


I wouldn’t even know where to begin with this whole thing! The whole uni thing is one big drama, finding a placement and then you find one and it falls through… having a mental breakdown. Then about to cry to your mum when she suggests you message one of her school friends who saves the day!!

Placement is the biggest pain the arse there ever is! Placement is a great opportunity… they say it will help broaden your future… that is true but also it is the biggest hassle that life has to offer because the uni is all like yes we will help you but the harsh reality is they do shit all to help!

This is my university…


This will be us (Jay and I) graduating!


I wish it was a joke and that I was joking about my university being a joke but I am not! I’m truly lucky that I had the right connection to get an amazing placement abroad! After jumping through millions of hoops to get an email saying you don’t have the right personality for the job… or not getting a response at all. The uni does nothing to help getting a placement… yes they send emails with possible places, but they show no help when you go to them for help. But, alas I have no clue why I should be surprised by that when my whole uni experience has been a massive struggle and pain in the arse. There is always something with them and it is extremely exhausting!