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So I’m sure you have seen the vids of my time in NY  – GETTING SUCK IN A SNOWSTORM AT 7/11! on our Instagram – I mean come on if you haven’t followed us yet??  Why the hell not!  (@onems_onema) You now have no excuse!

Let’s explain what happened that day as it was a really long one and by the time I got home I just wanted to shower and then sleep it all off. So let’s open up this bad boy…

The day started like any other, I woke up to the crisp chill of the New York air with dark clouds on the horizon. Safe to say that I didn’t want to leave the house but alas I was craving Taco Bell and who wouldn’t leave the warmth of their bed for the greasy richness of Tacos and Burritos…mmmm I’m getting hungry just thinking about them

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Anyways, I found myself outside cold, hungry and craving. I was soo close to becoming hangry! Turns out my family wanted some stuff from the dollar store and the local mall so I guess there was a reason as too why my bones were slowly turning to ice other than for food. Everything was going well, we got a ton of stuff and was really enjoying our time out – especially after the tacos. 

I should have known that drama would strike its ugly head. After a few hours of being on the road, my Dad had to leave – with the car – and we swore we’d make our own way back home. I mean, we’re still in town, not the city. Just order an uber and all would be well. Right? Are you sure?” He said. “We’ll be fine.” We said. “How hard could it be?” We assured. “Alright” He drove away… That was mistake numero uno. It just went downhill from there. Now on their own, a mother and her two daughters ventured to explore the unknown!

Related imageA few more hours later, the day had come and gone, and we were ready to get back home as we were getting pretty tired of walking around so we decided to start the journey home. Phones at the ready It was time to order the uber and go home. So this where we went into the 7/11 to do the order and we thought we would be smart and use the data from the US phone to hotspot our UK one to get an uber… mistake numero dos

Yeah, that didn’t work…Not to fear we thought, all retail establishments should have WIFI because it’s the 21st Century and we’ve evolved. So I looked for wifi in the shop and wallah there is was “seven-11guest” I was so relieved I jump to connect on it but ohh look here – password protected!!! mistake numero tres

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Seriously, why is your guest wifi locked??!! I was losing my wits at this point and was just shaking my head, silently cursing why I got out of bed in the first place. So assuming that the two guys working there had the code, J9 politely asked for it. Mistake numero cuatro. I don’t know how many times my J9 tried explaining our need for the password but it was clear that those two had no idea what we were on about seeing as they just stared at us blankly.

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Yess, it was that kind of day and we’re not even done with it yet but onward we go. Theo and I practically shared the same look but by God’s grace, we managed to get through to them that we wanted to order an uber and the younger one took pity and offered his phone and we paid the fare in cash. Finally a solution to the sea of problems we’ve been having. It was at this point that it started snowing, lightly and we were even more eager to get home before it picked up but fate wasn’t kind to us. Here’s why:

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As we offered a complete stranger the deats of where we were staying at the time – not recommended unless absolutely necessary –  he filled everything in and ordered the uber for us…or so we thought. mistake numero cinco How long?” we asked, “7-10mintues” He replied and we trusted – foolishly! Minutes passed by and we were getting restless and the snow was picking up. Quickly. (The vids on Insta is from this point)

As he checks his phone sometime later, coincidently a car pulls up. We look at him and his next words were “I think that’s it, girls, yeah thts the ride”  Relieved we say thank you profusely and rush outside in the snow to the car. In my excitement, I don’t hear J9 say “Guys, I don’t think this is our uber…” as I go right ahead and open the door anyway, mistake numero seis – It’s locked. My BRAIN DOESN’T PROCESS THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG. CLEARLY! I look towards the driver’s side expectantly and HE UNLOCKS THE DOOR! – can I express how willing I was to just jump into a strangers car… I blame our current society for that because I was way too comfortable in this situation. 

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Upon opening the door for the second time. I find the back seats are filled with all kinds of crap. Clearly, not the uber we’ve been waiting forever for! “Guys, this isn’t it, its not it!” I nervously, close the door and rush back inside trying to grasp the fact that I just opened a random stranger’s car and was about to get in quite happily. Bursting back in the store, covered in snow our arses freezing off, we confront the guy who told us to go out there in the first place. His response after looking at his phone again. “Oh sorry guys, I didn’t confirm the uber…my bad”  I’m sorry WHHHAAAAT???!!!

WOW! At this point I wanted to just sit on the floor and cry, let pride be damned; I was done! Thank God, the random stranger laughed off the whole incident with “It’s okay, you guys aren’t the first to mistake me for an uber” To wrap up, J9 had to do the whole process again and made sure everything was confirmed this time. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long and managed to get home before the street lights came on but yeah by far the most stressful day of my trip outside of the house.

I know this was a seriously long post people, but hopefully, you got a few laughs in there I know I did just writing this! More adventures to come through!