Beautiful baby
Born to laugh
Smile and play

But pain
Swept into your world
Like a hurricane

How powerless
My father’s soul
Unable to protect

Gladly would I
Have ripped out my very heart
To save you

I remember your infant eyes
Locked with mine
As they carried you away

But heroes came
With scalpels
And healing hands

Through long nights
Of chemical sickness
They cared for you

Prayers took root
And grew like wildflowers
Into a garden of life

You grew
And healed
Despite the odds

Then came the call
On Angel’s wings
To fly you to a magic place

Castle doors opened for you
Smiles and gifts awaited you
In that land of wonder

It is a place
Built of dreams
Founded on love

Because of you
And all you overcame
I shared that dream with you

I will never forget
Your Princess eyes
Filled with delight and joy

How beautiful the hands
That give and serve
And build a gift so magical

Greeted by a whale
And her splashing tale
Dolphins feasting from your hand

Princesses in regal bliss
Stooped to bestow a royal kiss
And speak with hope filled words

Invited to dance and sing
To celebrate a Lion King
In your own joyous style

The magic donkey spoke
And shared a joke
That made you forever friends

You saw the world
And pyrotechnics swirled
To bring your magic journey to a close

Now we look back
And hold those images
Of magic in our hearts

The love and joy
We planted there
With tears of happiness

Will grow in time
In song and rhyme
Into a legendary tale

 –  Walter Elias Disney