Yeah I’m back…again

How many sorry posts has it been now? I can’t even count but lemme just answer some of the questions you may be thinking like: Where the HELL has Jay gone?!

What have I been doing?

Truth is…getting my life together! There was a lot of drama going on coming to the end of the year that needed my attention. The Blog was an afterthought and I’m super sorry about that!

What will be happening now?

Getting back into the flow of writing again. I miss this so much and Ally has been keeping this going so I’m super proud of her! Even though I know she wanted to wring my neck a few times lol. We’ve still got our plans though – BIG PLANS

What am I going to be posting?

The usual guys! Journals, poems, and quotes will still be coming out! MT is All Things Disney, as it’s my Birthday sooo there’s gonna be a lot with that so check out our Insta and FB pages to keep up with us!

Are you gonna explain the drama in your life? #DramaLlama

Hahaha not right now. But you guys will hear about it soon enough and everything is back in order. Just give me some time


Soo the only thing left to do is


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