This is just something that came to me the other day and it seems so simple and silly but I wanted to share it with you!

Life is not easy and it’s a thing I both love and hate! It’s been trying, testing but also amazing, wonderful and a gift! Some of the best things have come from the hardest times of my life… in the lowest moment of my life I was granted some amazing people and one of those people is Jazzy Jay! That girl has been my guardian angel, someone who has supported and helped me through the darkness that has surrounded me.

Yes, those times were hell. But, I got something amazing out of it! Something worth cherishing and sharing with the world! I got my best friend, not just that but the girl who talked me off the ledge and told me what okay to hurt, it was okay to cry and most of all it was okay to feel.

You may be thinking what’s with this post but there is a song called Intentional by Travis Greene. It’s a beautiful gospel song that I listen to a lot and it makes me think about everything in my life… it reminds me that no matter what happens, it happens for a reason and that a little faith will guide me to the place I need to be. I’m not gonna lie faith has never been my strong suit but it’s something I am working on!