New Year, New Us?

So… I guess the question is are we gonna be able to make the changes we want to see in ourselves by the end of the year? In the last year, we have both been through an emotional rollercoaster that has left us with whiplash. Both of us have had to come to terms with a lot of things that have either been recently occurring or things that have been happening for a lifetime and accepting the fact it has.

The year for both of us has been testing already and we are not even a month in but like everything, life isn’t easy… if it were what would be the point?

After the year we have had it is only fair for both of us to have some crazy notion and hope that we might get more happy moments rather than emotionally wrecking ones. We know there will be trials and tribulations throughout the year, but Jay (the eternal optimist) always says there is hope, have a little faith!

giphy (11).gif

But that is what this year is about having hope and faith that better things are to come for us and for everyone else.