Time To Party Hard This Halloween!!!

So from our previous post on Party Themes this is now more to do with getting the party started and maybe also where you can buy some of the goodies… as always I suggest online shopping because there is less interaction with people and more of a chance of finding everything you want… with the bonus of not having to carry a shit tonne of bags from shop to shop!


As always my first suggestion is to know what you are going to do! Whether its general or themed you kinda need an idea of what you want there decoration wise and food & drink wise! So the first thing I would suggest is to sit down and write a list of ALL the things you will need… then use google to see if you missed anything out and then start browsing the internet.

I suggest places like:tenor (1)

  • Amazon
  • T.K. Maxx
  • Party Delights
  • Not on the Highstreet
  • General Superstores (e.g. Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, ASDA and so on)

Comment down below if I missed anything.

I also should say try and stick to the list I know you may see something you like and think hey that would be cute… and maybe it would! BUT THINK ABOUT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT!!! So, what I am saying is set a budget and with that budget give yourself a bit of leeway, because sometimes you won’t be able to find everything at the desired price and if you want everything you may have to spend a little more than expected! Also, by not buying extra stuff not on the list you will cut costs… I guess that’s the one good thing about being in the actual store (because you know you don’t want to carry all that extra crap so you end up putting back the things you were never originally gonna get. But, online your like… well it’s not like I have to carry it all home!).


Additionally, make sure you have lots of food and drinks cause guarantee you may run out at some point and no one at that party will be sober enough to be able to get to the alcohol let alone get to the shop!!