What’s Your Theme?

What’s your theme this Halloween???

So, if you are throwing a Halloween Party are you going to have it themed or is more come as whatever you want? But, here are a few helpful theme ideas you can do! With all of these ideas, you can do costume contests and give the most creative, best dressed and maybe worst dressed prizes!

  1. join-us-gif-2Willy Wonka
    I like to believe Halloween is a time of year when it socially acceptable to eat all the candy you desire! (Even though I kinda do that all year round!) So, why not host a Willy Wonka themed party, considering the man is a creator of sweet treats! So many fun ideas can come from this theme… your invitations can be golden tickets in a chocolate bar!! Who didn’t want to get a golden ticket!! You can then set up various candy stations with some of your favourite sweet treats, along with some Wonka candies like Nerds, Laffy Taffy and so much more! OMG, Chocolate fountain with all the treats to dip in. (I’m not gonna lie I am kinda drooling at the idea of a chocolate fountain!) You can decorate with Willy Wonka’s iconic purple top hat… Ohhhh all the ideas, people could literally walk into the party to the song Pure Imagination!! (I am loving this!!) If you are trying to figure out what alcohol you can have or fun creative cocktails you can have Vodka Soaked Gummy Bears and maybe a few Jell-O Shots!!!
  2. giphy (1).gifCarnival
    Carnivals are always fun no matter the time of year. However, at Halloween they can become so much darker with, creepy-crawlies and unknown monsters lurking behind the games, ready to scare you when you least expect it! This is the perfect time to creep your friends out with amazingly scary clowns and spiders, bugs and maybe even snakes crawling/slithering around containers… make a game out of it! Allow them to put their hands in the containers… obviously ensure you don’t use anything poisonous! Maybe even do guess what’s in the box! (Imma tell you this now you could not pay me enough to stick my hand in any box with snakes, spiders or any form of creepy-crawlies… I think I need a shower even thinking about it!) If you wanna go all out you can hire entertainers or staff to dress to impress as they serve your guests food and drinks… some of those snacks could include cones filled with popcorn or cotton candy… or you can even have stations where they are made fresh? You can have lollipops, cupcakes and so much more! Additionally, you can have people doing fortune telling and tarot card readings… there are so many possibilities!
  3. giphy (2).gifFreak Show
    Why not try this creepy arse circus! Get guests to dress in ugly, creepy or odd costumes. There are so many options to go for! I’m not gonna lie this concept creeps me out, you can use a lot of the advice I gave for the Carnival one here too… (that gif is kinda creeping me out to some next level… I don’t like clowns!!!) Your decorations can also include a glow in the dark aspect, so as the night goes on the atmosphere can and most probably will get creepier! As before you can hire people to be fire-breathers or sword-eaters… and many more things to give your guests the illusion that they are at an actual circus!
  4. 1FCOcGZMad Scientist
    This will be fun! Getting your guests to concoct their own cocktails in beakers and have shots in test tubes! Have people lying on tables with what looks like their stomach cut open with treats and goodies falling out looking like their insides… cookies like severed fingers and cupcakes that look like brains. Hazards signs on bottles of alcohol and cocktails… warning of side effects! Cocktails that are brightly coloured and fizzing! Jell-O Shots with gummy eyeballs and worms inside… so many things for your guests to look at and do! Set up some experiments for them to do, think along the lines of things like volcano-making! The chance to make things fizz and bubble in a safe way… no harmful chemicals needed!
  5. giphy (3)Jack-o’-Lantern Carving
    Pumpkin carving can be enjoyed with family and friends alike! Turn it into a contest where the spookiest and goofiest Jack-o’-lanterns win a prize! If you’re all your family members are old enough you can do drunk pumpkin carving if you all drinking together… or you can just do it with friends having a laugh, singing and generally messing around. But, make sure you are careful carving drunk! Once it becomes dark enough why not light them up and see what your creations look like! Hey, you can always play This is Halloween while you do it!
  6. giphy (4)Graveyard
    This one can be an interesting one to do. You can decorate with hay, overhanging tree branches, leaves, lights, tombstones, coffins, skeletons, body parts lying around, different sound effects going off for different things, pumpkins, maybe some black lighting and so much more! The only limitation that you may have is your imagination. You could have fake cobwebs all over your furniture and hanging from the ceiling. With orange, red, black and many other coloured drinks, punches and cocktails. There are many possibilities if you want bats hanging from the ceiling or maybe fake spiders… the choice is yours!
  7. giphy (5)Alice in Wonderland
    This provides you with a range of opportunities with the many kooky characters Lewis Carroll provides in Alice in Wonderland, so many fantastical characters to dress up as and I think my two personal favourites may just be the Chesire Cat and the Mad Hatter! With this you can send invitations to your guests with suggestions on who they should be, it allows you to decide which character suits each member of your friendship group! It could be a tea party with a whole range of foods and drinks. Key shaped cookies and heart-shaped tarts filled with raspberries and cream, the iconic Chesire Cat smile as a cake and so much more. You can have jars with cocktails with the label drink me and little cakes or cookies with eat me written on them… the ideas are endless. We all know it wouldn’t be right without a game of croquet or even a game of cards!
  8. tumblr_m5hs4mbFIQ1r7z7ebo1_500Harry Potter
    This has to be one of my favourite theme ideas! You could decorate your home or backyard with Harry-themed objects, like the Sorting Hat, broomsticks, golden Snitches, magic wands and a cauldron, Marauder’s Maps and so much more. You can hire people to dress up as the house ghosts and have them keeping the guests on their toes… they could even be serving drinks and snacks. Have the house colours hanging around. You can get a photo booth and get a load of Harry Potter themed things and allow your friends to take pictures and have a good laugh. Don’t forget Harry’s glasses and the lightning bolt!

So there you go guys… here are just a few ideas for you to do this Halloween. Let us know if you do a themed party and share some pictures with us we would love to see!