To Trick or To Treat?

That is the dilema for those of us over the acceptable childhood age of trick or treating. Does ayone actually know the appropriate to stop?  Does on even exist?


…That’s comforting

This whole tradtion of dressing up and literally asking starangers for candy – lets keep it real people – is actually reslly weird when you think about it! But we’re not here to talk about the conception of trick or treating but rather the do’s and dont’s of this season that every kid has waitied in anticipation for. Schools all over the country are informing kids the importance of safety but it’s also important to have fun. So lets begin!

First of the Dos:

  1. Give out classic candy for the trick and treaters – no one wants candy that they’ve never seen.
  2. Related imageVisit the houses with their lights on. I mean, if my lights are off and you’re their knocking…its not gonna be pretty
  3. If you want the candy, you’re gonna have to work for it! Gone are the days where a sheet over your head was cute. Use your imagination and a cool costume could land you more sweets!
  4. Family Halloween Costumes are becoming a big thing; showing up loooking all cute!

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Let’s not forget the Dont’s:

  1. Never run out of candy, that’s probably the worst thing that can happen so stock up! You don’t want the treaters to turn to tricksters
  2. No mean tricks, especially the whole egging and toiler papering a house. The ‘TRICK’ in trick or treat is literally a play on words only! Bejing-kids.comRelated image
  3. Please don’t decorate your house if you don’t want sugar crazed kids comming to the door. Children will only assume that you’ll have he gooods.
  4. Don’t dress your child as someone twerking. Miley Cyrus is an adult and she can do what she wants. If you choose to dress your little kid as a twerking Miley, gyrate yourselves down to the next house. Come on—there are little kids around. Oh yeah, and again, start saving for therapy. Your kid’s gonna need it.


Now some of you are probably wandering why do a post on trick-or-treating when we’re not catering to children…well short answer “Because we can!” lool But in all seriousness this isn’t just for our age group for the friends and family around us.

For the nieces and nephews, cousins, godson and daughters; the next door neighbours little devils that I look after just for the money as I’m a struggling student. It’s for all you lot so enjoy! Let us know if you have anymore tricks to treat us with!