#FunnyMoments: Slip n Slide!

No less than a day ago after spending a long weekend in London at home with my family I decided that I would abandon the thing that loves me unconditionally no matter what and the thing that brings me the most comfort… my bed (you thought I was gonna say something like my mum or dad… naaah!). Arriving back it was raining and the shoes I was wearing didn’t have good grip and I joked about it to Jay and we laughed about how I would slip down… ‘No she didn’t walk down, she slid down said it was much more fun and quicker!’ 😂😂 No less than 5 minutes later did I not slip? Jay and I laughed at the fact it happened and then she said ‘OMG can you do it again so I can film it for the blog!’ So supportive hun… I feel the love!😆