“Really…what is there to do??”

Let me tell you, there’s a lot. As London is this pool full of diversity and culture I’m pretty sure you’ll find something that you’ll enjoy no matter if you’re an early riser or a night owl!

To make things easier for you – and us! – we’re taking you through TIMEOUT.

“Forget tricks – treat yourself this Halloween with our pick of the best parties, events and spooky things to do in London”

They have events for any time of day, cater to all dress codes and fashion styles, all year round!

Image result for deciding where to go gifLondoners you already know but for our overseas peeps its this cool website that let us know all the events to be at in the year, for all age and occasions! For our New Yorkers, Parisians Sydneysiders and Melburnians – let us know if that’s correct Google can deceive you sometimes – you have an idea also as they operate in major cities around the world!

Since we want to continue in our Halloween theme, all these events are theme related:

Halloween Parties: GET YOUR FREAK ON!! @ Some of the biggest clubs in the city – grab your friends and have a blast!

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decisions, decisions, decisions

Haunted Places: Feeling brave? Why not test your courage at some of the most haunted places London has to offer. I mean it doesn’t count if you go during the day… How bout a drink? Haunted Pubs and Bars

Ghost Hunts/Tours: For those looking for an adventure – bonus points if you manage to grab on camera!

If you’re really not bothered and just looking for a chilled night, they’ve got theatre performances for you. Well…somewhat chill because its some seriously spooky theatre.


So now you are spoilt for choice and you still have no clue as to what to do. Don’t worry that’s perfectly fine, whether you decide to go out or stay in; it’s completely your choice.


Us girls will be swamped with too much uni work anymore to even think about going out!