“So I thought I’d try this new look…”

Teenage girls applying makeup

To all our girls out there, we’ve all been through the stage where when we had an encounter with makeup for the very first time. You remember trying on your mum’s lipstick, then found the eyeliner what the hell it was for. Next, the foundation, concealer now this new thing primer!! Are we safe in assuming the desired results weren’t quite as expected?

Trying to look this…
but achieving this!

Over time we managed to understand the concept of makeup whether it is through application books, vids or simply another friend giving us tips. We’re still trying to figure this conundrum. Thankfully, with Halloween approaching panda eyes can actually work for you and the wings are in full spread; that’s totally fine but what about those who really want to make their character come alive?

Have a look these links if you really wanna stand out:



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If we’re not looking go all full out then these Halloween Tutorials area good way to go, you decide how much you want to follow; there’s some good advice here guys:



We really want you to enjoy your nights out during this time of ghouls, wizardry and all forms of creepy! The clock is ticking, the big day is only a few weeks away, have you figured out what you want to be yet?!

It’s only the one day out of the year where people won’t judge you for pretending to be something you’re not.