#memories Ally + Jay

Trying to think of a good memory – hang on, give me a sec…


Ally and I have been besties for four years now – according to her – so I thought a quick insight into how we started our friendship would be a good memory to reminisce over with you guys! Okay let’s see, it was a warm autumn afternoon in the year 2014 I had just come from a boring business class and was heading over to the canteen with my friends. Everyone was both irritated and hungry; a bad combination, I know.

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During the course of our meals, time stood still as we were all catching up on the goss of the day; someone had got sent out for arguing with a teacher again, another didn’t bother to show up for the class test that was constantly being reminded to us and the ever-present young adult forever latching themselves onto others, found yet another victim that had caught their interest. In which we had to stand by and witness. (C’mon we’ve all had one!)

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At some point what started as just my friends at a table soon found ourselves the center of attention as people wanted to play Blackjack (a card game for those who don’t know and no, not the poker kind!) – our table was supposedly the only place to play πŸ˜’ Things heated up quite quickly as a tournament formed and I even found myself playing along for a few rounds πŸ˜‚

Anyway, sometime later in the midst of all the humor and comradery going on, I found myself leaning back getting really comfortable, enjoying my time. My friends stop talking all of a sudden and are just looking at me in some weird creepy way. “Err guys why are you looking at me like that?” “Do you not realise what you’re doing! You’ve been leaning on someone for the past half an hour!”

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πŸ‘€πŸ‘€As a slowly turn my head to look behind me Ally standing there looking down on me with an awkward “Heyy there” 😳…😊 or was it a hi? I can’t really remember tbh with you…

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Anyways after an awkward introduction, and apologising for using her chest as a pillow – yes you read correctly, I was leaning back on her chest that whole time and it didn’t occur to me that walls weren’t usually that soft. I did ask if she minded and she was like no, it’s fine so I just continued. At that point, I think my other friends had written me off as I showed no remorse in the total lack of privacy I had with her which is understandable and I do not suggest you going around leaning on people thinking you’re going to be best friends as a result.

This was just fate… I mean look at us now, years later πŸ™‚