Life of a Bookworm: TBRs

Is it just me who feels like their TBR has somehow become unmanageable?

I feel like I make it worse for myself every time I go out and buy a new book… but, sometimes the book is calling me and I can’t help it! Like you know when you’re scrolling through Goodreads or Instagram and you just see a new book pop up and you’re like “DAMNNN!!!! I didn’t know that was out already!!” Then you start thinking about if you have enough money in your bank or on you to get the book and decide who needs to check let’s order it anyway, the mistake begins and you are left with a ridiculously large TBR pile!

tenor (1)This then leaves me with the issue of I have more books than I know what to do with them! (But we will get to that in the organisational post)

But this is what I look like walking through my room half the time!>>

As much as I wish I was the kind of person who could go through their collection and do a massive clear out of the books that I will never read… but, I am scared that maybe I read the back and not be in the mood for it and then throw it out and like a month or so later I’m like I really want to read that book and realise I’ve thrown it out and I can’t read it anymore cause I don’t own it… I know I have a problem! *long deep sigh*

snow-white-cleaning-gifSo, I have plans to tackle my TBR… it is something that I have seen a lot of booktubers do and it is to take a couple of books you have had on your TBR for a long time and read the first few chapters and then decide from that if you are going to keep the book or donate it. But, considering I am currently at uni and all my books are back in London I won’t be doing this until December time when I will be doing a massive clear out of my room!