The Halloween of Our Childhood

Growing up did you watch those movies/shows where they had amazing Halloween Parties and you thought that all the parties you were going to attend would be like that and then


Disappointment! Just wishing for something better, but I’m gonna give you some advice those moments and parties only exist in the DAMN MOVIES! (Jay: We are saving you from said disappointment)

Okay so going on to our personal experience, I use to go trick or treating with my mum and older brother and we use to get sweets and sometimes money around my Grans neighborhood cause lets not lie that was where the big houses were and that was where you were gonna get the good treats! But, as the years went on we went less and less… you also find that when you get older you don’t go trick or treating you go to parties and we all know that leads to bad decisions!!!


Unlike Ally here, I didn’t have the opportunity to get free candy from complete strangers by just showing up at their door for one night of the year… I had to stay home. Why you ask? Well, the simple truth is, I wasn’t allowed! Growing up in a strict Christian household, the very thought of Halloween disgusted my parents. The night of ghouls, goblins, witches, wizards not to mention evil spirits!

Guuurrrlllll, all these little kids summoning them evil spirits with ouija boards… they need Jesus and to go to church.

giphy (1).gif

Hahahahahaha, if my mother ever caught me doing such juju! I wouldn’t be alive to write this post today! My Halloween experience as a kid was none existent. I only got the warning in school to be careful and not to egg people’s houses lool. But I did manage to negotiate my way into my neighbor’s Halloween party which was an absolute blast! Obviously, as mentioned earlier I did venture out in my teens and went to a couple parties but it was so dead, I decided to just go home!

Anyways, hope your Halloween childhood adventures weren’t as pathetic as our own!