Ally is it just me or did your bones chill after reading that?? I mean, I know this was supposed to be a really cool idea and a lot of fun but I’m seriously reconsidering this theme!


Well, Jay, it’s too late to change our minds now… but, I am not looking forward to that damn clown I know you’re going to be putting into this damn post!!! I kinda forgot that Halloween is when the freaks like to get more freaky than usual… i.e. dressing up as clowns and chasing people. Gurl, I freaked myself out… I’m out!!!!

Buuuuut, since we’re already here might as well make the most of it, don’t you think? let’s get started!! This month, you will freak out with all the cool places to shop for that one of a kind costume because this is the time where creepy is the new sexy (AC: new sexy my arse, creepy is still plain old creepy… ain’t nothing sexy about clowns). We’ll also be showing you cool makeup looks too for those that wanna go full out with your outfits this year!

halloween intro

We’ve got cool activities to do with your mates, some may be age restricted! 😉 From baking edible treats – yes will we be making them ourselves (AC: That will be interesting!) – to making your own unique Halloween cocktail (AC: Not gonna lie I am excited for the drinking part of that)! Exciting right? Stay tuned to what we have in store!

Will you join us on this spooky adventure?


You know you want to…