Uni is upon us again…

leslie-knope-no-gif-11 I’m truly in mixed emotions about this major thing that is looming around the corner. Creeping behind the freedom of August, showing up with I don’t give a damn whether you’re ready or not September. uuuuuggghhhh

But alas, we all must go through the pain of swapping out our Summer wardrobe for Autumn – goodbye tanks and shorts and hello crop jumpers and leggings with fluffy socks; practically all I wore this time last year. There were definitely times where I couldn’t decide what to wear and just went back to bed and told Ally I was too tired to leave or I’d stick through it and show up 3 hours later than originally planned.


I think the reason my fashion was limited to just that was that it was the most comfortable thing I could think of wearing –I was right– I also decided to throw out a lot of clothes. It happens every time I’m embarking on a new journey and by that I mean, going to 6form or college –yes I went to both, I’m sure the story has been mentioned before– all because we’re caught up in this notion of having something new. And it doesn’t stop with clothes.

Yes alright, I’ll stop going on about clothes but seriously when you think of uni does not an “I need a whole new wardrobe” feeling come to mind? You’re lying if you just said no. Even if it’s not specifically clothes, but shoes – trainers, boots, flats, accessories – handbags, backpacks, hats – yessss we all looking for that cute beanie look for winter! Tell me I’m wrong..?

See how I missed something out there…have a guess…?



STATIONARY  (I know some of you didn’t stop to think)

Yes, these bad boys almost drained my bank account last year; Amazon didn’t help either lool. The money students spend on pens, notebooks, planners, calendars etc. esp those that walk the hallways of higher education like WTH! Why do I need a separate A4 folder for each module coupled with an Arch Leaver for each term, it’s absolutely crazy and totally unnecessary buuuuuut I do it anyway because there are some really cool designs and colours which I am a complete sucker for.

What are some of the things you automatically do, right before School or Uni starts back up again? I’ve shared mine!