Life of a Bookworm: My Reading Routine!!

A life of a bookworm is not easy… or cheap! 😂 But, this post is more to do with reading routines. Do you have a reading routine?


Reading is one of my favourite pass times, along with watching a good movie. But, like most avid readers I have a routine that I like to stick with. Over the years I have refined how I like to read, where and when. You’ll find it is the small habits that have slowly become rituals. They are all things that help me to immerse myself in the world the author has created!


So, depending if I am at home or at uni I have to decide where I want to read. ‘Do I feel like sitting in a chair or curled up snuggled in the corner of my bed?’ More often then not I am curled up in my bed enjoying the book. But, in summer or on warm days at home I like to sit in the chair by my window with it open to allow the smell of fresh cut grass and roses come into my room. My environment is a big thing for me. If I am comfortable and happy I am able to enjoy the reading process so much more!

I know a lot of people like to pick the book first, but I like to pick location cause once I know where I am reading my full attention is on the book. I like to set up, like get a blanket, light a candle, make myself a tea, coffee or grab a glass of water… maybe even a glass of wine. Once all that is sorted I pick a book (or if I’m already reading something I will continue with that).

Not gonna lie recently I have really been enjoying listening to ASMR noises like rainfall and stuff. But, one of my favourites is ASMR Rooms – Harry Potter ASMR ambience playlist. It’s super relaxing and makes my reading experience so much more enjoyable. I don’t know what it is about it, I can lose myself to the sound and focus my full attention on the book… something about the sound of rain and the roar of a crackling fire that brings a certain warmth to me and can allow me to be absorbed in a book for hours on end!

And that is all she wrote!