#DramaLlama – Flatmates!

Lord Help Me!!! After living with 4 other people in student halls I have learnt that…

giphy (2)

I feel there are so many stories I can tell you but I am only going to tell you a few so here goes…

1. Living with strangers can either be something great or living hell! My experience was living hell. I don’t have anything against people going out and partying or having fun, but my issue is when it’s 4am and I’m asleep and I’m woken up by my flatmate and her friends slamming doors and running up and down the hallway screaming. The number of times I was startled awake… it was a lot!

I was ready to beat some people… no one messes with my sleep!

2. Additionally, I do not care if they smoke weed or smoke in general. But, when I can smell it in my room and it actually begins to smell like I’m the one smoking there is an issue… not only are they trying and failing at hotboxing they are doing it at 5am. If you didn’t know NOTHING IS OPEN AT 5AM… where the hell am I meant to go at 5am in the middle of winter and when there is snow everywhere! Honestly, it was hell! They also set off the fire alarm when they first tried to do it… I’ve already told that story.

giphy (1)3. Kitchen Hygiene was another issue with my flatmates, there was a frying pan that I don’t think was washed once throughout my entire time living there… things left unwashed, bowls that had raw meat marinating on the side left till the leftover sauce was all crusty. Honestly, I hated being in my kitchen… I know for damn sure that they wouldn’t have left their parents kitchen in that state… I know if I did, I would have gotten beats! I cleaned the kitchen once because I really wanted to cook, so I asked my mum to bring up clean products from home so that I can cook in a clean kitchen. I SPENT AN HOUR CLEANING THAT DIRTY KITCHEN! I cooked and then I cleaned it again, Jay was coming round for food and I put the leftovers in the fridge cause that’s what you do and we walked into the kitchen no less than 2 hours later and the kitchen is a mess😱. The draining board has grease or something on it, the stove is greasy, there were crumbs and moisture on the counter and dirty dishes in the sink. I was ready to cry! All my flatmates were like the kitchen was so clean and smelt fresh… and then they ruined it. I was horrified!😱😱😱😱

And this my friend, are a few of the reasons why I am moving into a studio apartment next year!