Moving back home with help of significant other…..Oh, God…

Reading over that first line and I’m already rolling my eyes like I’m really gonna have to relive that day again..ugh here we go.

Now, we’ve all had that one person who’ve helped us when we had to move either out the house into uni accom or own place, some crap out of our room, shove some books in boxes and into storage..or your probably just that person who hoards everything and never throws anything anyway!

So its the beginning of summer and the end of exams I’m excited to start and just chill for the next 3 months before coming back to torture for another year. I asked my bf to come and help me since he had a car; my parents weren’t making that long trip up.

Its moving day and I start to pack up all the crap that was in my room – there was a lot – a sad moment when you leave with more stuff than you came with…*sign*

All the drama started when we had to start packing everything away, I say we when I really mean me while he just sits on the bed with his phone. After about 30 mins I get annoyed and ask if he can take down my photos… People let me explain there are less than 50 which really isn’t a lot but is turn into some laboured task with complaints of “Why do you have so many, I don’t understand”

Ladies has your man ever complained about how many photos, posters, memories, keepsakes on your wall? We’ve all been through it (for those who haven’t you will at some point) but it’s okay, don’t waste your energy they just won’t get it!

Btw Ally’s wall was waay worse than mine! But that didn’t matter to him. After he finished he sat right back down again pretending to be sooo tired from such a simple task.

Time passed and I was in my own world, putting things in bags and boxes and shoving them closer to the door. Now it was time for the books, granted I think I read 1 or 2 out of like 30 something but I had a beautifully displayed bookshelf in my room. My bf watching said, “why do you have so many books?” Now for my book lovers wouldn’t a “because I love them” be a good enough response? I thought so. He didn’t.

This resulted in him going off about how there was no use for them and they were just taking up space and how they were going to weigh down the car while driving blah blah blah… I stopped listening to this because it was just becoming hurtful.

Some advise boys, never disrespect you girl’s passion! Even if it’s idiotic to you and doesn’t make any sense if she loves it then just go with it. Don’t think. Don’t question.

Needless to say, I was now pissed off and didn’t want to even look in his general direction (seriously considered to tell him to go home and then ask my dad to see when he could pick me up!) but I still have to pack stuff up and so that was what I continued doing till it was all done, cos I didn’t have any more help after that. He fell asleep…😑

When everything was done, I just made him put everything in the car. I think I only put like a couple of things in if I’m honest with you – Karma!

What was supposed to be a chilled and fun day was over stressful and tense. Never again.