Time to Take a Trip!!!

We’re going on a trip in our favourite rocket ship flying through the sky Little Einstien!!!🎵

tenor (2).gif

Okay, we were sitting in Starbucks when we both agreed it would be fun to talk about all the places we hope to visit and learn about. As we were writing the list we soon realised that we had a lot of the same places we wanted to travel… and the list is LONG!! So, we decided that what we are going to do is research all the places we want to visit and do posts on why we wanna go and all the places in that country we wanna go to. It will include some of the countries histories, culture and secrets.


A few examples include America, Jamaica and Mauritius. Really and truly we thought they would be the easiest ones to start of with since it’s practically doing a research report on our heritage…yeahh as soon as we thought that we just laughed and was like yeahhh no. Who’s really gonna be asking family all these questions about our history and culture?? But in all seriousness, we do want to give a little background to the places we travel to not just for us but for you guys as well cause we know some of you haven’t even left your countries or seen a plane up close let alone been on one.


We always talk about having adventures so finally, that will actually include some travel. If there are some specifics you would want to learn too feel free to drop us some thoughts in the comments, no jokes but it would be very helpful for us!